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We follow and promote the principles of one planet living;
  • minimising our use of non-renewable and scarce natural resources,
  • planning, investing and involving our staff, students and communities in sustainable practices, and
  • providing an education in sustainability relevant to a world threatened by climate change.
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Congratulations to our Penryn Campus shop team

26 June 2017

AneSwing Raving Rabbids Invasion Marker Pens Fitness Men T Shirt


Product description

Our products are suitable for all kinds of people and the raw materials is elasticity control and breathablitity.Fit and comfortable enough to make you feel both stylish and comfortable.If you want to find a universal T-shirt, so, we can do for you, please to choose our products.

Size Chart
Size A (inch) 22.4 24.4 26.8 28.3 29.9 32.3
Size A (inch) 16.5 18.1 20.5 21.7 23.6 25.2
Size XS S M L XL
Size A (inch) 22.4 24.4 26.8 28.3 29.9
Size A (inch) 16.5 18.1 20.5 21.7 23.6

  • Made from 100% ring spun combed cotton
  • Your expect quality
  • Exellent in workmanship
  • Easy to clean and ventilate
  • Machine wash